Pascal Bayart

Pascal Bayart was born in France in 1994. He graduated from 2005 to 2008 at the «École Nationale Supérieure de Danse de Marseille«with Ghislaine FranchettiAlain Rouillon from 2008-2012 at the «École de l’Opéra de Paris» with Wilfrie Romoli, Bernard Boucher, Eric Camillo  and from 2012-2014 at the «École Supérieure de Danse de Cannes Rosella Hightower» with Monet Robier, Hacene Bahiri, Tom van Cauwenbergh, he was engaged in Youth Ballet Cannes (FR) at this time.

Pascal Bayart has worked for the following companies

Cie. Linga : Katarzyna Gdaniec, Marco Cantalupo, in «Tabula», «Creation», «Concerto»

– Cie. Essevesse : Antonino Ceresia, «On/Off» , «Nel Blu», «Ne bouges pas»

– Opera de Lausanne : Robert Carsen, «Orfeo»

Cie. ArtforGaia : Florencia Gonzalez, «Contre tango»

Cie. Filament : Julien Ficely, «Souvenir d’un faune»

Cie. Cresalys : Diane Touzin, «Mémoire de forme»